Social Skills Alumni Class

Social Skills Alumni Sessions

These Social Skills Alumni sessions give you the opportunity to practice and develop new social skills in a safe and controlled environment. We accomplish this by practicing common every day scenarios with other dogs and people under trainer supervision and instruction.

*In order to attend these Alumni Sessions you must first have completed our four week Social Skills, or have previously completed the comparable Social Skills class run by Jill or Hadley Priest.

Class sizes are capped at low numbers, so pre-booking is required (no drop-in’s).

The cost per session is $20 (plus HST).

You may attend these Alumni Sessions as often as you would like, subject to availability.

If you have questions about our Social Skills Alumni Sessions, you can email us at, or click the Training Registration button below to register for these sessions. (If you have already registered previously for the Social Skills classes, you do not need to re-register).  Once you have registered, you can contact the Doggieland location you wish to attend to confirm availability.

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