Social Skills Class

This four week Social Skills course teaches owners the tools to help their anxious, fearful and aggressive dogs through daily life. Skills like leash handling, self-soothing and coping mechanisms are covered. It also provides an opportunity for dogs to gradually practice being in the vicinity of other dogs, in a supervised  and supportive environment.

This course is ideal for any dogs exhibiting socially inappropriate behaviors, including (but not  limited to):

– being shy or timid
– barking uncontrollably
– lunging or snapping at other dogs
– growling
– overly excitable

Social Skills Course

Week 1: Sit On The Dog (relaxation exercise) and Guided Relaxation

Week 2: Name and Explain

Week 3: Bridge and Target Training

Week 4: Leash Handling

Classes are non-sequential, so students can join at any time.  Each class is 30-45 minutes in duration.  Class sizes are capped at low numbers (4 dogs per class), so advance booking is required (no drop-in’s).

The cost for these classes is $250.00 (plus HST).

If you have questions about our Group Training classes, you can email us at, or click the Training Registration button below to register for our classes.  Once your registration is submitted, the trainer will contact you to let you know when the next available class is starting

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