Archie finds his way to Doggieland

A heart warming story… but also a relief!

Archie arrived on Doggieland’s doorstep when he was just 8 weeks old and has since grown into a playful, fun-loving Labradoodle, who visits us twice a week.  We always enjoy having Archie at our Daycare and he has made a handful of new friends that we could call, a boys club. Spending their days playing, exercising and socializing; Archie is all you would expect when you think of the meaning for best doggie friend.

Last weekend, the back gate at Archie’s home was left ajar and Archie decided to go for a little tour of the neighborhood without his parents permission. We all know the uneasy feeling when our furry friends run off in good spirit, that this can be a frightful and often worrisome time. His parents quickly began a search for him looking high and low, then up and down their street, only to expand the search and cover a little more ground in hopes of catching up with him.

After a little bit of a walk and a certain feeling of anxiousness, you could probably guess where they found him. Archie was patiently sitting on the front steps of Doggieland, waiting for Doggieland to open. While we always encourage our friends to visit Doggieland with their parents permission, we are happy to  make sure that our pals are kept warm and safe if they happen to venture off and make their way to Doggieland on their own.


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