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"Dear friends, Thanks so much for all the love and caring by all the staff of our girl, Clover. You're an important part of her life and we're really grateful to all the staff at Bloor West who are so very friendly, caring and valued."
Bloor West
“We have been very pleased with Lola’s grooming. Nadia has been her groomer and Lola seems very happy when we pick her up. Thanks Nadia keep up the great work.”
“Doggieland is the BEST! The staff are all GREAT! I have owned dogs for 30 years and I have been totally satisfied with the way Nadia grooms my petite golden doodle – Duke. She is the BEST! I would rate the facility #1 in North York. Free parking right in front to make the process easy and quick. I recommend them to all my friends! I luv it!”
“We take Bella to Doggieland for daycare, grooming and boarding. The staff is very courteous and professional. Bella loves going to Doggieland. Keep up the great work!”
“Doggieland blew me away with their incredible customer service, competitive pricing, convenient hours and free parking. Nadia, Doggieland’s groomer, turned our Goldie into a gorgeous pooch and will be the only place I go to from now on.”
“We use Doggieland for their Daycare and Boarding services. We’ve tried a few other places in the past, and never found anywhere as wonderful as Doggieland. Their facilities are incredibly clean, bright and open, and their staff are wonderful and friendly. Doggieland is the only place we’ve ever been able to leave our dog and not feel guilty or worried when we go away for a week. We feel like we’re leaving our dog at a 5-Star resort, and the minute our dog walks in their door, he goes crazy he’s so happy to see the staff there.”
“My boy Achilles LOVES Doggieland. He used to be very anxious and nervous around other dogs. I started having him go to daycare at Doggieland a couple of days a week, and the difference in his personality was amazing. Now he loves playing with other dogs and seems much more confident and comfortable. Achilles also used to bark all the time at home, and after going to daycare for a few weeks, he’s SO much better now, and hardly barks any more. We also get Achilles groomed at Doggieland and their groomers are incredible. Achilles looks amazing and seems to love Nadia who does his grooms. Their staff are so friendly and attentive, and you can tell they love dogs as much as I do. Can’t recommend them highly enough.”
“Sandra, thank you for creating such a wonderful place to take our beloved furry family member Jerzee! She absolutely loves being at doggieland and with you and your staff and all her friends. In fact, Jerzee has now started to differentiate our morning routines and is able to identify when she is going to daycare – it is hilarious to watch her run to the front door with her tail wagging like crazy the moment she figures it out! In the car, as soon as we make the turn onto Dufferin, she starts pacing and whining to get out because she is so excited. When we arrive, she runs in to say a quick hello to whoever is at the front desk then darts to the gate at the top of the stairs and starts pawing at it begging to be let in because she can’t wait to go play. Having an energetic puppy Labrador Retriever can be exhausting at times so it is amazing to have a place where she can play all day to work off her energy. We love the fact that there is both indoor and outdoor space so she can enjoy the sun/snow or be protected indoors depending on the weather conditions of each day. We also know your staff and facility have been a significant contributor to her fantastic socialization skills and her ability to interact so well with dogs of all sizes. Thank you for everything!”
“I wanted to thank you and the staff at Doggieland for the excellent quality care that you provide. As you know, Ralen contracted kennel cough. When speaking to his vet, I was told that one sign of a daycare with high standards of practice is how they handle as issue like kennel cough. Although I did not have any concerns regarding the practices and care provided, the manner in which you addressed kennel cough “cases” was very reassuring. You sent an email notifying that there were reported cases, information regarding symptoms and direction on what to do if symptoms presented. This level of responsibility is why as a puppy parent I will continue to use your daycare and boarding services! Thank you again!”
"I am sending this note as a more formal thank-you and expression of my gratitude for Sawyer's care. The compassion, speed of response and diligence with which you diagnosed and handled her medical emergencies (after eating a ball of yarn at home that caused a blockage) is positively astonishing. Sawyer is home and resting well - please know that we recognize it could have all turned out so differently had your reaction time not been so quick.

Both Sawyer and I knew the minute we walked in that Doggieland was the right place for her to be, to be with dog playmates in a safe, positive and fun environment. Your attentiveness and attunement to the animals in your charge is amazing and we are all extremely grateful."

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