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Our boarding facility is located in Vaughan and comes equipped with large, clean, bright comfortable rooms suitable for any sized dog or breed. When not resting or eating, dogs socialize happily inside and outside in our spacious daycare areas. Contact your local Doggieland location for boarding rates and options.

To ensure an enjoyable overnight experience we provide:
• Supervision by well-trained and caring staff
• Refrigeration for all food and medication
• Clean water and food bowls
• Laundry for your dog’s beds and/or linens
• Plenty of socialization and playtime at no extra cost
• On site full supervision 24 hours a day, every day of
the year

You are asked to also pack and send along:
• A bed and/or blanket for a cozy night stay
• Your dog’s dry food in separate sealed baggies per meal
• Any medication with clear instructions
• Any treats or non-squeaking toy


Companion Boarding

While most dogs are comfortable spending the night in our spacious kennels, there are some dogs who are too anxious or stressed to stay in a confined space, especially without direct human accompaniment. To ensure that dogs like this have a safe and comfortable stay, we have introduced Companion Boarding.

Dogs staying in Companion Boarding will spend the night in our staff bedroom with our overnight attendant, instead of in a kennel. Companion Boarding dogs will have the option to sleep in the bed with our attendant, or to sleep on one of the many comfy dog beds we provide in that room.

Spaces for Companion Boarding are limited and will be booked on a “first come, first served” basis. It is an additional $15 per night, in addition to our regular boarding rates.

Doggieland will be happy to safely provide return transportation for your dog from either the North Toronto or Bloor West locations.

A positive, fully supervised place for your dog to socialize, make new friends and play!

Our Vaughan facility located on 3.5 acres offers a large indoor play area and a 5,000 sq.ft. fully fenced outdoor play area.

Doggieland North Toronto has over 2,000 sq.ft. indoor play area, a lower quiet lounge room and a fenced in outdoor area.

The Bloor West location offers over 2000 sq.ft. play area for dogs and a special play area for smaller or older dogs. A parkette is located just behind the facility for daily outings on leash.

Both North Toronto and Bloor West locations offer pick-up and delivery service within a 4 km distance of the location. Pick-up and Delivery services start at $15 per day.

Private walks and home visits can also be arranged.

Doggieland has three full-service and fully licensed grooming facilities staffed by grooming specialists. Each offers a large, bright, clean grooming studio to ensure your dog’s stay will be a relaxed and enjoyable experience. All dogs are different and require specific attention depending upon the breed. Please call to discuss pricing and timing for your dog.

Grooming services offered:

Luxurious Doggieland Full Groom
Includes a full wash with our high quality spa products, blow dry, brush out, clipping or shaving to your liking, nail trim, ear cleaning and a complimentary bow or bandanna.

Doggieland Pampered Bath
Includes a full wash with our high quality spa products, blow dry, brush out and mini trim around the feet, face, bum and sanitary area, nail trim and ear cleaning. Does not include any shaving or scissoring.

Doggieland B&B
Includes a full wash with our high quality spa products, blow dry, brush out, nail trim and ear cleaning. Does not include any trimming or scissoring.

The ultimate treatment for tired paws. Nails are trimmed and filed. Get your dog’s pads trimmed and shaped.

Quick Nail Trim

Teeth Brushing

Add-on services include:
Hand scissoring (only available at some locations)
Extra charges may be applied for aggressive dogs

Please call to make an appointment with one of our professional groomers.

Doggieland is proud to have partnered with experienced trainers Jill Priest and Hadley Priest to design our training programs. Jill and Hadley have over 20 years of combined experience training dogs (and their owners), and have worked extensively with Doggieland staff to create our training curriculum and mentor our Doggieland trainers.

We have a number of training and socialization options available to fit your needs:

Group Training Options

We offer Group Training and Socialization Sessions at both our Bloor West and North Toronto locations.

Click on the links below in the location schedules for full descriptions of each option, so that you can find the appropriate class, or session for your dogs needs.

North Toronto Location Class Schedule:

– Wednesday’s at 7:15 pm – Puppy Playdate  (Playdates are $25/each + HST)

– Wednesday’s at 8:00 pm – Basic Companion (The cost for this program is $395.00 + HST)

Bloor West Location Class Schedule:

– Monday’s at 7:15 pm – Puppy Playdate  (Playdates are $25/each + HST)

– Monday’s at 8:00 pm – Basic Companion (The cost for this program is $395.00 + HST)

To register for any of the group training classes or sessions noted above, please click on the Training Registration button below and submit your registration! Note that all of our group classes and sessions have a limited class size. Call or email the Doggieland location you wish to attend to check availability and reserve your spot! If you have additional questions about the group classes, feel free to email us at for additional information.

One on One Training Options

The following one-on-one training options are available at all three of our Doggieland locations.

In-Home Training

Session 1 – consult & first lesson (90-120 min) 
Session 2 – 90 minute lesson
Session 3 – 60 minute lesson
The first two sessions are two weeks apart, and the third session is anywhere from 2-4 weeks apart, depending on how much practice time your dog needs. The cost for this option is $695.00 (plus HST). Availability of One-On-One Training at your home is subject to your location and the availability of the trainer.

Daycare & Train Program

Life Skills 101 – In Daycare Training

(Click on link above for a full breakdown of the program)

This program is intended for dogs that need some work on basic manners. The focus is on teaching your pet to learn key commands to help them listen to you. We focus on teaching your dog how to calm themselves down, make good behaviour choices, and respond to direction from you.
This program costs $1,900.00 (plus HST) and includes the cost of the 12 half-day’s of daycare. (For an additional $10/day, these days can be extended to a full day of daycare).
*Note: In order to participate in this program, your dog must first undergo and pass our consultation process to ensure that they’re suitable for group daycare.

If you have questions about either of our One on One Training options, you can email us at, visit our FAQ page or click the Training Registration button below to register for the program. Once your registration is submitted, the trainer will contact you to discuss a start date and schedule an in-person consultation with you and your dog.

Does your dog need a ride? We know that life can get busy, and you still want your dog to be looked after while you attend to life’s challenges. That is why we now offer pick-up and drop-off services for Doggieland clients! 

Our trained and reliable staff can transport your dog to and/or from daycare, vet visits, and more. It’s one fewer thing you have to worry about in your day.

Our Pick-up and Drop-off Service is available to clients located within 4 km of Doggieland.

We are pleased to offer this service between the hours of 9am – 4pm (subject to availability).

To inquire about availability and pricing, call your local Doggieland location. 

Home Visits

Not every dog is ready to come to Doggieland, but Doggieland can come to them! We are now offering Home Visits as part of our service offerings, and as part of our commitment to making every dog feel special.
Our Home Visits option is targeted at puppies and senior dogs, and can include a short walk, feedings, limited medication administering, playing, and general cuddling (please inquire).
While you are busy, we can be there to give your dog some time to play and exercise in a fenced backyard.
Home Visits are available from 9am – 4pm (subject to availablility), and your dog will receive a daily report card so that you know how the visit went. This service is perfect for the dog that needs the comforts of home, but needs attention throughout the day.
Walking Services
If a home visit is more than you need, we offer dog walking services for Doggieland clients. It’s a great way to allow your dog to stretch his/her legs and get some fresh air throughout the day.
One of our trained walkers will travel to your home and take your dog for a walk. There are two options available – a 30 minute walk and a 45 minute walk.
Our Walking Services are available to clients located within 4 km of our North Toronto location and within 1.5 km of our Bloor West location, between the hours of 9am -4pm (subject to availability). Your dog will receive a daily report card so you know how the walk went. 
Call your local Doggieland to inquire about availaility and pricing for both the Home Visits and Walking Services.

Register today.

We require everyone to complete an online registration form and set up a consultation prior to their dog attending Doggieland for daycare or boarding. This will provide you with the chance to see our facilities and meet our staff. Please note that Doggieland reserves the right to refuse any dog if the dog’s behaviour jeopardizes the safety of the other dogs and/or the safety of our staff.

Doggieland dog daycare and boarding

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