February 2014 News

DAYCARE: Please remember to call if you need to cancel

Well, the word is definitely out and the daycare is running full most days. If you have booked a
spot (s) for your dog and they cannot attend (holidays, illness, etc) please give us 24-hours
notice so the spot can be opened up for someone else. Otherwise, we will have no option but
to charge a cancellation fee. Overbooking is not an option. An overcrowded daycare is no fun
for the dogs or staff. Thanks for your support!

NEW LOWER LEVEL LOUNGE: zzzzzzzzzzzzz……

We have now opened our warm, comfortable, quiet lounge area on the lower level for dogs
needing a mid-day break or looking for a quieter visit. The room will be supervised and we will
be experimenting with access and availability over the weeks ahead.

VACCINATIONS: Time to renew your shots?

Please remember to provide us with updated Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella information.


Our new daycare pick-up and delivery service is almost full. If you are interested, check with
Anne to see where there may still be openings.

GROOMING: Congrats Nadia!

Our head groomer, Nadia was married last week. Congrats to her and Julian! And, our thanks
to Faye who increased her schedule to help out. On Monday, February 26 Nadia will be
hosting a groomer’s workshop at our location. She is bringing in an industry leader to mentor
10 accomplished groomers from across the GTA. This type of leadership and professional
enrichment keeps our grooming staff at the top of their game.

TRAINING: FREE Drop-in ‘Ask a Trainer’ day

On Saturday, February 22 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Sergio Brotto will be available at
Doggieland to answer any dog training/behaviour questions you may have. Last week, we
asked Sergio to spend a couple of hours with our Daycare staff and assist them with
strategies to make the daycare experience better for all. It was a very rewarding session!
This week, Puppy Training classes will also start Doggieland under the leadership of When
Hounds Fly. Watch for more training news next month!

FACEBOOK: An entertaining place to land

Visit us on FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/doggielandtoronto . We’re trying to
upload more videos and pictures of our boarding and daycare dogs. Please Like Us! We’re
trying to reach 1000 likes. And, if you and your dog love Doggieland…why not share your
positive experience with others. We’d love to post your testimonial on our website.


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