November 2014 News

The Value of Daycare for Your dog:

At Doggieland we believe that when dogs socialize freely and naturally with each other, they are happier and healthier.  Doggie Daycare not only has a positive effect on the physical and mental well-being of your dog, it benefits you as well!

Exercise makes for a healthy dog:

Simply stated exercise is paramount to ensuring the positive long-term health of your dog. When dogs attend daycare, they enjoy both mental and physical stimulation. From a physical perspective, lack of sufficient exercise can result in weight gain and joint issues, especially for larger breeds of dogs. Dog play will keep your dog’s mind active and fit. Our clients say their pets are happy and tired when they pick them up – even after a 3-hour visit.

Life doesn’t stop when you have a dog. We get it:

These days life can be incredibly demanding with home and work deadlines and family responsibilities. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to provide the kind of exercise, play and personal attention your pet needs on a daily basis. This can lead to boredom, separation anxiety, and other dog bad habits like chewing prized-possessions, barking, and indoor accidents.  Daycare once or twice a week can make all the difference.  Your dog will benefit from physical and emotional stimulation and you’ll have greater peace of mind. It’s a win-win solution!  If you are renovating, putting your house on the market or need to make a quick trip out of the city for the day, daycare can provide the perfect solution.

A socialized dog is a happy dog:

Interacting with other dogs in a safe and structured environment is critical to your dog’s social adjustment and well-being. That’s right! Your dog is born knowing how to be a dog – knows how to communicate with other dogs, how to play, how to interpret another dog’s mood, etc. Dogs want and need interaction with their own species. We can shower them with affection but we can’t replace our dogs’ need for canine companionship. Dogs can teach one another important life skills and lessons. Daycare will help your dog become and remain well-socialized.

Choosing the best daycare for your dog:

Take a tour and ask questions about our policies and procedures. Rest assured that the dogs your dog will be “chumming” have been pre-screened, are up to date on their vaccinations and that the daycare will be supervised responsibly at all times. You’ll see sufficient water and see comfortable, quiet spaces for your dog to enjoy if he/she is here for an extended daily stay.

Excellent value makes daycare affordable:

At Doggieland, daycare rates are very affordable. For instance up to 3-hours daycare is just $20, 5-hours is $25 and a full day is just $35. Packages can reduce your cost. We accept dogs 4-months and over who have had their final rabies shot.

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