Summer Newsletter

The old saying, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” had to start from somewhere, right? The best time to teach dogs positive behaviours and how to play politely is during puppyhood.  The same goes for children.  These first-time puppy pals can play a big role in teaching their new companion how socialize with humans and furry friends. You’ll know when a new puppy feels stressed in a social setting, obvious signs are: tucking its tail down, stiffed body language, pulled back ears, nervously licking lips, and shifting body weight away from dogs or humans that are trying to play.  Learning to pick up on these social queues will help children make their new puppy feel comfortable in interactive settings.

Understanding how to interact respectfully with a new puppy is also a lesson in leadership.  With positive reinforcement, children can learn how to award welcomed puppy behaviour.  These budding disciplinarians also need to understand how to manage undesirable puppy behaviour.

At doggieland we believe that training is key to building a happy and positive relationship with young dogs.  Under the direction of a certified evaluator in dog behaviour and development, Puppy Socialization is a new drop-in puppy class offered at the doggieland Fairlawn location. This class is an excellent way to socialize your puppy with other young dogs aged 2 to 9 months. Puppy Socialization is a drop-in class, simply give us a call at 647-748-4364 and join the class at your convenience.

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