T.E.A.M. Dog Rescue our Charity of Choice

T.E.A.M. Dog Rescue our Charity of Choice:  This holiday season we are working with T.E.A.M. rescue to raise awareness of their activities. They will be joining us during our Saturday celebrations in December. View all December Celebrations.  They are in need of gently used and clean dog collars, leashes, harnesses, winter coats and boots. They would also appreciate any/all donations of food or treats!  Please bring in any items you would like to donate up to and including December 7. They thank you for your support.  Check them out!       http://teamdogrescue.org

A Little About T.E.A.M Rescue

T.E.A.M. Dog Rescue would not be where we are without the love and support of so many wonderful people. We are a 100% volunteer-based, not-for-profit organization. All of our dogs have been rescued from “high kill” shelters, where they waited for help on borrowed time. We rely on donated items, donated time and donated money, to keep our rescue alive.

T.E.A.M. has been involved in rescue initiatives worldwide. We have helped save dogs from Toronto, Montreal, North Carolina, Georgia, Mexico and Taiwan. For us, rescue has no borders and we are extremely grateful that you have helped support this important cause.

We use all our fundraising to support the dogs, which includes vetting. We ensure that each dog is vaccinated, given their booster shots, spayed/neutered and micro chipped, prior to adoption. The health and welfare of our rescues are paramount to us. Further to vet costs, T.E.A.M. supports our foster homes by providing all the food and materials for the foster dogs. We have been very fortunate to receive countless bags of donated food, which meet our dogs’ specific needs. Each foster dog arrives with food, a collar, a leash, a T.E.A.M. dog tag, toys and treats.

We hope you will continue to follow and support our rescue initiatives. We welcome all volunteers and would be pleased to address any questions you may have, regarding our organization. Please contact info@teamdogrescue.ca for any further information

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